Welcome to Heartland Communities

Our Mission

The Council of Stewards of Heartland Communities, Inc. declare our mission to teach sustainability by example; to build communities that are economically, culturally, and environmentally sustainable, through community and economic development activities, including training and educational programs, worker collective entrepreneurship facilitation, cooperative systems, and community economics education. ◊

Our Vision

We the Stewards of Heartland Communities, Inc. envision a world in which communities of people share in sustainable living, culturally, economically, and environmentally. We define a sustainable culture as one in which all citizens balance responsibility and liberty, in which each member’s needs are met, and each contributes to the needs of the larger good. A sustainable culture requires the guarantee of safety and celebration to  persons of diverse ideas, abilities, and heritage. We believe that nonviolence is the key to safety. A sustainable economy includes cooperative, worker-owned businesses and social entrepreneurship, as well as mutual aid organizations. Environmental sustainability requires that the demands on an environment do not exceed the  inhabitants’ ability to renew the environment’s resources in pace; that technology is used with the same guarantee of safety to the diversity of nature. We envision a world in which commitment to this vision is the foundation that informs our collective life’s work.