Heartland Communities’ Work

Comprehensive Community Development

Heartland Communities is dedicated to leading Fort Wayne
in an evolution of cultural identity and participation that we
call cultural sustainability. Additionally, we have an underlying
intent to facilitate the emergence of “green collar industries”
to include underemployed and workers who will transition
from environmentally harmful work to work that has neutral
or beneficial impact on the environment. Working people
will earn a living wage in a living local economy. Local production
will recapture leakage, beginning with basic needs,
food, housing, daycare, energy, jobs and job training. We will
incubate worker cooperatives as an organizational model. We
call this economic sustainability.

Plowshares Local Food System Project

Our current project, Plowshares, was convened by The
Workers’ Project, a worker education and organizing
nonprofit (as the Food and Jobs Initiative). Plowshares is a
community economic development project to organize farmers
and farm workers and develop a local food aggregation ,
processing and distribution system for local consumption,
while creating jobs and job training for new food workers.